Interactive Number Writing Activity

This activity can be done on just about any surface, someone we know happens to be so interested in cars that this was put together for just about anything with wheels to drive up and down all day long. It worked really well for this, but a big piece of paper, cardboard, chalk in the driveway would all work well

Start by creating a driving space for the cars that leads to an area that can be used for a parking lot. Draw out parking spots for each car/number that you plan to use. We went up to 10 on this one. Number each spot with clearly. Then use a small piece of tape or a sticker on each vehicle and number them, we did 1-10 (If you’re concerned about the stickers/tape coming off all the way, just test it out on one car before adding it to all of them. These ones came off pretty quickly when we were ready).

We started with the cars in a mixed up group with the numbers all facing up. Ask or assist your child in finding the car marked with the numbers you would like to cover. We started with 1 and went in order, you are of course free to focus when that needs to be covered most. I had him drive it down the road and then pull into the correct parking spot. We were sure to have him match the numbers and talk about what each number looked like if there was any confusion.

When all of the cars were parked we worked on writing out the numbers. I wrote one number and then had him try to write it after watching me. We went through this full activity from picking out the numbered car, parking and then writing one full time and then I let him play freely with everything.

Occasionally I would encourage him to try matching numbers or picking out a specific number that needed a little more attention. This was a fun way to spend an hour for everyone!