My Toddler Wants Independence NOW!

“They Grow Up Way To Fast”- every parent.

Out of no where it seems like Korey is ready to go all on his own. He wants to pick out his food, his clothes, put his clothes on and take them off himself. Express himself through coloring, let us know when he wants to outside, everything he can do to show his independence.


As hard as it can be at times to give into him turn into his own self, I grow more proud of him every time he can show Mommy just what he can do. There’s still a few things that we are working on like using utensils and trying to understand just what going potty is all about. Once you break out the potty training materials it’s fair to say your toddler wants independence quite badly.  So be out on the lookout for my questions and hopefully tips I figure out as we go down this path of new found independence.


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