Meow Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Halloween Colors! Harvest Moon Collection.

Meow Cosmetics is one of my favorite mineral makeup and indie makeup companies, as I have stated many times before and their newest Halloween colors are in store now and ready for you to make room for them in your makeup collection. I am hoping to grab a few of these before they are gone!

Meow Cosmetics Halloween Makeup

The Harvest Moon collection. This was inspired by the celestial wonders of an autumn sky , isn’t that just a beautiful description? Straight from Meow Cosmetics description of course.

I want to start on those blushes because they are just out of this world. I was never really a blushy girl, I didn’t really see where they came into play until I started wearing makeup more and my face just looked like it was missing something and of course that was blush. Meow Cosmetics blushes are to die for! Very pigmented, you only need a little bit and it blends like a freaking monster. Those are all beautiful warm colors with blushes they have included in this collection and each one is perfect for all skin tones.

Meow Cosmetics Halloween Blush Here is the blush swatches from the site. So pretty!

Now I am in love/lusting after Dark Energy, Moonrise, Pegasus, Twilight Glow,  and Mystique. All the eyeshadows are color changing, there are metallics (safe!) in them that in the light and when on camera you can see the difference in color and it’s truly beautiful. I love Meow Cosmetics for that, their shades really are unique.


Eyeshadow: $1 sample (1/16 tsp) / $8.25 5 gram sifter jar

Blush: $1 sample (1/16 tsp) / $11.25 10 gram sifter jar / $16.25 20 gram sifter jar



Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way or asked to post. I just love Meow Cosmetics!



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