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Love these mineral lip glosses. A sample set is only $15 which I don’t think is bad at all.

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Coffee Coaster

This set of coffee coasters is awesome! You know that I love my coffee, not as much since I’m pregnant, but still this would be awesome in my office.



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Matching sleep deprived daddy and sleep depriver baby tshirt or onesie gift set

Etsy has some of the cutest matching sets for parents and this would be so perfect for the new addition and Keith. Since Keith hardly sleeps anyways, such a hard worker!

il 570xN.283678799 Etsy Favorites 6

ME plus COFFEE equals LOVE

I often search Etsy for coffee related items. I may be a little obsessed.

il 570xN.194447717 Etsy Favorites 6

Body Sugar Scrub Soap Mocha Latte Coffee



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  1. Julie Wood says

    The Coffee Rich sugar scrub is amazing! What a cute idea and the spoon that says me and coffee equals love is darling. I like all of these cute etsy items.

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