I came into the hospital on Monday to be induced.  At 11am I was given a vaginal suppository to help ripen my cervix, before this I was 2 cm dilated. Throughout the day I had visitors, they were hoping all of this would go pretty fast. At 11pm they took out the suppository and checked my cervix which was at 5cm this time. I was given Pitocin at 12:45am, Tuesday, on a slow drip to help contractions come along and… Read more »

Well today is my due date, baby apparently doesn’t want to come out on his birthday so he’s making me wait until Monday to be induced .  I’m extremely nervous for this because I know it means my body isn’t ready and this is going to be more painful and difficult for me.  If it wasn’t for having an amazing boyfriend by my side I know I wouldn’t be able to do this.  I am still hoping for some miracle… Read more »